Black Flora Playing Cards

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This is the second edition of Flora Playing Cards. Originally teased as an advertisement card in Red Floras, Black Floras are now printed. The back design still features a memorable floral print in an array of vibrant colors, yet the background color now features solid black. This allows the floral print to pop out and not get lost within the background color. The illustration of the design has also been slightly modified for aesthetic improvements. The deck was printed from The United States Playing Card Company on Air Cushion Finish with their Crushed Stock. Thus, the deck is optimally thin for card handlers including magicians and cardists, resultantly feels remarkably smooth to handle, and promotes long lasting use. The tuck case has been beautifully handcrafted by Clove Street Press, a San Diego based letterpress company. The box features the word 'Flora' or the closest equivalent written in 25 different languages in both striking metallic grey ink as well as matte finish, white foil. The box, itself, is premium matte finish paper. There is also a colorful seal which alludes to the back design.